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Adding Little Touches to your Kit

Little details will have a really big effect in this hobby, and there are thousands of doll house accessories that you can have. From living room lamps to kitchen coffee mugs, these are the small details found in the accessories category. Using them for your interior design can really spruce up your house. In addition to design, it adds a realistic feel that says people actually live here. So express yourself and personality in the type of china, miniature animals, portraits and more!

Lights and Miniatures: The Awe Factor

If you have completed a kit, furnished it, and are looking for another adventure then try lighting. When you add lights to it you are dedicating a bit of time and energy, you are also stating that it will not be used for toddlers, but receives more of a collectible status. I am not going to lie; lighting is fun, but also a bit challenging. At the same time, isn't the challenge why we are in this hobby?First of all the basics are simply hooking up lighting from a plug to a light. In addition to that you are given instructions and help in setting it up. As will all aspects of this game, things will get easier with time. The best way to start is small, so get a small kit and begin. Remember if in your mind it is too hard then you are correct.

Dollhouse Flooring Options

Flooring is a very interesting topic because no one really thinks to change it, and yet those that do always turn out more amazing than before. Flooring is often overlooked because it is the base, but that only means that it is really the foundation for your furniture and design choices. Not only that, it adds a very distinct touch that will take your dollhouse and move it to the next level. You have many choices in this decision and every type of flooring will not work for each room - The standard 5 are Carpet, Linoleum, Tile, Stone, and Hard Wood. Carpet for dollhouses is very compact and comes in sheets similar to dollhouse wallpaper. A quick fix to bathroom or kitchen rooms is linoleum and tile. Stone and hard wood choices are really available for those die hard hobbyist that want a very realistic house, but hey when you want quality there is no better option.

Designing the Outside of Your Dollhouse Kit

The outside of the dollhouse has as much do to with the appeal, if not more, than the inside design. You will want to focus on the most eye attracting points first: The paint and the shingles. Three coats of high quality paint, recommended for dollhouses, is the minimum for dollhouse display. The shingles should be died and applied carefully using a ruler to assure that the lines are straight. Bird houses, dog houses, gazebos, and more are other ways to spruce up your exterior. There are even tiny additions like shutters and flower pots that you can add. Last but not least is the lighting of the exterior. Put some porch lights on, and if you have lit the inside it will make the glow through the windows appealing on the outside as well.

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