How To Make Love Spell Scented Candles

Perhaps the most popular type of candle on the market today is the scented candle. Not only do scented candles add beauty and atmosphere to your home, they also make your space smell nice. Smell is the most powerful sense that humans have because it is the only sense that has a direct pathway to the brain.

To make scented candles, you need a few basics. Of course youll need wax, molds, wicks and fragrances but how do you select the fragrance? Well, that will largely depend on the purpose of those candles. For instance, if you are just making candles that will smell good and look good, then you can use commercially available fragrances that are chemically based. However, if you want to make scented candles to use for aromatherapy, you will need to use pure essential oils or you wont get the benefits.

There is a lot of experimentation involved when making scented candles. Just like baking, you will be using a formula to make scented candles, instead of just guessing. This will ensure that each batch of candles will be uniform, bringing your customers back again and again because they know that they will always get a quality product.

When you begin your scented candle making, keep a log of each batch you make and be sure to note things like the type of wax and the amount of scent and color used. Also note things like how well the candle burns and what the candle smells like when it burns. It is common for scented candles to smell differently when burned than they do when they are made. This way, when you want to make scented candles again in that particular fragrance, you wont have to try and recall it all from memory.

So what if you want to make scented candles to use for aromatherapy? Well the process is the same, but the scents are different. Aromatherapy is becoming a very popular alternative or complimentary therapy for everything from insomnia to depression and one of the most popular modalities is the use of scented candles. However, for aromatherapy candles to be effective, you must make scented candles with pure essential oils. They contain all the beneficial properties of the plants that they are made from and they are highly concentrated. They evaporate quickly, which is why using them to make scented candles is ideal. The wax keeps the essential oils suspended until the wax is melted, thus releasing the scent.

how to make love spell scented candles